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To edit and copy the contents in PDF file, it is best to convert a PDF to other formats and Word for example, would like to introduce to you the way to convert PDF to Word simply.

PDF is a format having an extremely high security mode, therefore, this type of text is fairly difficult to be edited and copied. Many people choose manual way to retype the contents and waste a lot of time with low effectiveness if the PDF file is too long.

In order to achieve the best effectiveness, you should convert PDF files to Word or a certain format. Previously, guided you how to convert Word to PDF, now in this article we will teach you how to convert PDF to Word.
* Option 1: Use online tools
Use online tools to help your computer save plenty of storage for not installing any program such as
To convert PDF to Word, follow these 3 steps:
- Step 1: Select a File: Choose a PDF files that needs to be converted to Word or drag and drop PDF file from your computer to the website (follow the available arrow).
- Step 2: Email Word file to: Enter your email address so that when the conversion process is finished, the output text will automatically be sent to the entered email.
- Step 3: Convert It!: Start the conversion process.

Besides this website, you can also access directly into (similar manipulations).
* Option 2: Use conversion software
On the current market, there are a lot of programs that are developed with the aim to convert PDF to Word files, you can not only convert one but multiple different PDF documents quickly. The conversion process causes no loss of content while still maintaining the layout and contents.
One of the best software is Free PDF to Word Converter (download and view PDF to Word Converter details here).
How to implement
Step 1: Install Free PDF to Word Converter on your computer and open the utility.
Step 2: the interface of the utility includes the following settings:
- Select File: Select the PDF file to convert.
- Output format: the output file format.
- Output File: The output folder containing the file.
- Convert: Start the conversion process.
In this interface, you can preview the files that needs to be converted in the Preview window at the left of the screen, or see the ongoing conversion process.

Conclusion: Above are 2 ways to convert PDF documents Word which are used by lots of people. Besides the above conversion software, you can search and download other PDF conversion software at

Wish you success!

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