The top 5 best office apps for Android

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The demand and using of office apps on mobile phone are more and more increasing and there are also many apps available for you to choose. Followings are the top 5 best apps that has chosen to introduce to you

When working via emails, you usually have such attachments as Word, Excel, etc. And your work requires you to transport much. So reading and editing text on your mobile phone are really important to you. You don’t need to bring a bulky laptop anymore

The top 5 best office apps for Android

1. Quickoffice Pro for Android

QuickOffice Pro for Android is the first application on the Android which supports many file formats to edit Word, and Powerpoint, Execel.

With Quickoffice Pro for android you can fully enjoy its ability to create, view, edit Microsoft Office files including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

You can download Quickoffice Pro for Android for free here

Main functions:

- Create, edit and share documents Word, Excel, Powerpoint on Android devices

- Document storage and remote access from mobile phones.

- Open and view annotations, notes in the text.

- Insert images into presentations.

- Read the text vertically in the presentation.

- Access and edit email attachments.

- Share files via e-mail, SMS, Bluetooth.

2. Smart Office 2 for Android

Smart Office 2 For Android is a powerful program to give users a useful tool in the implementation view and edit documents on any Android device quickly and conveniently.

Smart Office 2 For Android is capable of working with most of today's popular text, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel from version 1997; Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer, PDF Reader, ...In addition, the program also has the ability to read image files like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF so you can actively open any documents or information raw images right on your device without any difficulties encountered.

You can download Smart Office 2 For Android for free here

Main functions

- Support for working with the most current documents: Word, PowerPoint, Excel from version 1997; Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer, PDF Reader, ...

- Be able to read image files: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF.

- Provide tools to edit text, select font, color, format, add links, updates and chart new recipes, create new text ...

- Support file sharing thanks to cloud storage.

3. Google Drive for Android

Google Drive for Android is known as a popular app for service hosting, sharing, and editing data online  which have been used by millions of users. This application has the ability to save documents and files in many different formats with high-volume on the cloud platform, and combined with Google Docs and Google+ to edit the data more convenient.

With Google Drive for Android, users can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations new very quickly, support groups working simultaneously on the same text. You can search the content faster data by keyword, or filter specified user rights. This tool also allows you to view and share multiple file formats without the need for any other support.

You can download Google Drive for Android for free here

Main functions

- Data storage with large online

- View, edit and share data from multiple devices

- Search by keyword or content filter

- Secure your documents and files

- Constantly update revisions

4. Microsoft Office Mobile for Android

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android as a popular app for office applications for Android devices which was released by Microsoft is free to use, with full functions as the Windows version. This kit includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint helps users perform tasks related to writing more convenient on Android devices.

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android offers features to view, edit or slideshow file types without the need for office support Office 365 as well as unrestricted in terms of copyright. Users can use the manipulations on the touch screen to easily support many different reading modes close to the user's needs.

You can download Microsoft Office Mobile for Android  for free here

Main functions:

- The office applications on Android

- View, create and edit documents easily

- Integrated management of office documents

- Use the touch screen to easily

- Supports text reading mode

- Supports multiple file formats

5. Kingsoft Office + PDF FREE! for Android

Kingsoft Office + PDF FREE is a free office applications with full features. The application supports Android OS 2.1 or higher. With friendly interface and beautiful, applications are currently being used on 200 countries and territories worldwide

You can download Kingsoft Office + PDF FREE! for Android for free here

 Main functions:

- The rich and edit free
- Small size, stability operations and unique interface
- Support for up to 23 file types including DOC / DOCX / TXT / XLS / XLSX / PPT / PPTX / PDF
- Integration with e-mail applications
- Support the cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox,, and the WebDAV protocol to the case
- Supports multiple manipulations with interesting effects
Above introduced readers to the best office software on Android today. The software will help a lot for your work. Wish you choose to get yourself the most appropriate software

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