Tips to boost your Android up

By Helen Nguyen

It is the truth that every operating system will work more and more slowly after a long time using. So how can we do to improve the running speed of your device? Today, will give you some tips to boost your Android device up.

You can practice following steps to make your device work more smoothly.

Uninstall or deactivate unnecessary programs.

Your device always has one particular storage space. Over time use, you store photos, music, video, apps, games ... All will occupy much of your storage space.

Therefore, to improve working speed, please clean up your storage space by deleting unnecessary data, especially long day game apps you do not need.

To remove unneeded applications by going to Settings select Apps to choose the application you want to uninstall. Note that you cannot uninstall applications that manufacturers pre-installed

On the line that supports external memory card, you can absolutely move data such as music, photos, video ... to your memory card to free up space in the machine.

There are a number of games and software also allows you to move to the installation on memory cards. You do the same as above by select Move to SD

Minimize Widget and animated wallpapers

The widget is really handy utility that helps you fast track access to your applications. But it always runs in the background and occupies a lot of RAM memory on your device. You should delete all unnecessary Widgets.

The animated wallpaper also makes your device slow down as well as your battery power. You should only install static wallpaper.

Updates of software

Manufacturers and operators often push software updates for their devices. You must download and install the latest update includes security and bug fixes to improve overall operational stability of the device.

To check whether you have the most update versions, enter Settings, choose About Phone and choose "System updates"

Root machine (deeper intervention into OS devices).

Accept the risks and advanced users can impact deep inside devices, also known as the Root machine. This will open the way for new features and even speed up works great for phone. Root machine also offers the ability to over clock the processor, install custom ROM ... However, if you are not proficient methods may damage the equipment that cannot be recovered

The tips introduced above are expected to help somewhat for your device performance. If you use the Android operating system, we recommend that you restart the device once per day when you use your device with high intensity

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Tips to boost your Android up


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