Top 3 browsers to access blocked Facebook

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Facebook is often blocked by Internet providers and you often have to try all means to access blocked Facebook or websites every month. To overcome the problem, let’s refer to 3 browsers helping access block Facebook.

You often fail to access Facebook because it is blocked by the Internet providers. This phenomenon also often occurs in common web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. To overcome this situation, let’s refer to top 3 browsers helping access blocked Facebook.

Top 3 browsers to access blocked Facebook

1. Coc Coc - Crom +

Firstly, we need to mention Coc Coc. Despite of having just been introduced recently, Coc coc has attracted a large number of users. This browser enables you to access Facebook freely without worrying about being blocked.

The file downloading speed of the browser is high without requiring downloaders. The browser can automatically add marks, edit spelling error and catch media links. The interface of the browser is quite similar to Google Chrome, so the usage of Coc Coc may not challenge you.

2. Web Freer

Web Freer is known a robust and powerful browser. You can surf web safely and quicky with a high customizing capacity. This browser is developed based on Chromium and Google Chrome browsers. As Web Freer helps you automatically change IP address, so you can surf web anonymously. In addition to using Web Freer to access blocked Facebook, you can also you the web browser to access any blocked website in the most effective manner.

The browser enables you to save the system resources and displays error notification when you access unreliable websites.

3. Tor Browser

With this browser, you can access web freely without concerning about personal information exposure. Tor Browser is an anonymous browser, so users can hide their identifier when using it; therefore, Tor Browser Bundle helps protect information of users absolutely.

Bad people will not be able to keep track of your activities, so you can be assured of the security of transactions and personal information. Tor Browser Bundle can access Facebook, and all blocked websites easily. Tor Browser Bundle is a compact browser available, so you can save it on your USB to use everywhere.

With the outstanding features of the 3 browsers, I firmly believe that you can comfortably surf Facebook without worrying about network blocking anymore. You can download all the three browsers free of charge, so let’s try and experience them.

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