Top 3 perfect softwares for accessing blocked Facebook

By Laura

Blocking Facebook every month is what Internet providers are doing. If you have tried all means but still fail to log in Facebook, let’s use top 3 perfect softwares for accessing Facebook when it is blocked.

Accessing blocked websites, especially Facebook, is a hot topic of young users. If you have tried all means but still fail to access Facebook, the following softwares will be effective solutions for you to select whenever Facebook is blocked.

Top 3 perfect softgwares for accessing blocked Facebook

1. Ultrasurf

Anyone who has used Ultrasurf will see how useful the software is in accessing Facebook and blocked websites. Being lightweight, the software is like a supporting tool for users to easily access blocked website through a safe encoder. Ultrasurf is compatible with a variety of browsers.

To help you access Facebook, Ultrasurf is like an intermediary tool for transferring your information to the real server. The data that you upload on the web are absolutely secured because the software will create a fake IP or change proxy to help you access blocked websites of many nations.

2. Hotspot Shield

With Hotspot Shield, you can set privacy because the software is an IP anonymous surfing tool which enables you to access the Internet or blocked website by Internet providers or different countries. Therefore, you will not have to worry that Facebook is blocked by Internet providers anymore thanks to Hotspot Shield.

Thanks to IP anonymous surfing feature, your web access will be absolutely secured without revealing IP address.

Hotspot Shield operates flexibly on all common web browsers at present such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. In addition, it also supports various Internet providers, even wireless network.

3. GhostSurf

You will access the web safer with GhostSurf. This software is like an IP anonymous surfing tool, so you can select and change IP addresses of many different countries. GhostSurf can completely delete the web browsing history on your browsers to avoid information leakage.

You can access Facebook any block website. GhostSurf can protect the computer from the attack of spyware and malicious code from the Internet and encrypt personal files and protect them with safe passwords. Moreover, the software can also block online advertisements which hinder the web surfing process.

Above are three useful softwares which help you access Facebook when it is blocked. With IP anonymous surfing feature, you can access blocked websites from various websites of different countries.

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