Top 3 programs for ejecting USB safely from computer

By Laura

When disconnecting the USB from your computer, you usually use =Safely Remove Hardware taskbar at the bottom to protect your USB. But this is not the most optimal solution to protect your USB.

USB device is quite familiar to users due to its ability for storage, moving data between computers. However, not everyone knows how to use and properly protect USB. will give you 3 small but very good tools to eject USB.

Top 3 programs for ejecting USB safely from computer

1. Dev Eject

At the first rank is Dev Eject, this is an extremely compact program, which provides you with basic features to help you safely disconnect USB. The interface of the software is simple and you will not have to waste time on learning it.

Especially, this software has a nice feature, when you unplug the USB from the computer but want to reuse it. Instead of unplugging and re-plugging the USB, you can replug the USB to continue using it.

- You can download the latest version of Dev Eject here

2. USB Safely Remove

USB Safely Remove is easier and safer than Safe Remove Hardware on Windows. The program integrates several features to effectively work with hot-plug devices such as USB, SATA and FireWire.

Especially, USB Safely Remove has the ability to control and restrict the external device to disconnect suddenly. The software immediately sends alerts on the computer screen when the device is disconnected.

- You can download the latest version of USB Safely Remove here.

3. Zentimo XStorage Manager

Being considered as the development of USB Safely Remove, Zentimo xStorage Manager saves time and extends abilities to work with hard disk, removable drives, memory card readers and other gadgets.

The software provides you with lots of functions to solve a lot of problems of external devices. After 30 days trial, you should buy the program.

- You can download the latest version of Zentimo xStorage Manager here

Now you can easily and safely eject USB from the computer with 3 useful tools above, to avoid data loss, sudden exit, ect. Each software has its own characteristics and strengths for you to protect USB.

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