Top 3 programs for opening MKV file on Mac OS X

By Laura

High-quality HD movies have always been known for their MKV format. The third software is needed to open MKV file on Mac.

If you are a movie fan, HD movies must be always your first choice. In order to watch a good movie, effects in films are critical impact and MKV is a format that can satisfy the viewer. No matter how good a movie is, its poor quality will still bother viewers.  

Nevetheless, Mac OS X does not support this format, and you are looking for a supporting program. To overcome this, in today’s this article, I will introduce to you 3 programs for opening MKV file on Mac OS X.

Top 3 programs for opening MKV file on Mac OS X

1.Perian for Mac

It can be said that Perian works just like a plugin, it supports lots of media formats for Mac. In addition, the software also supports a lot of flash formats for Mac.

Because the interface is very simple, Perian brings to viewer joy and pleasure, the software also supports various film formats such as H.264, FLV, MS-MPEG4 v1 & v2, DivX, Frap.

Note: With such Mac that has a low configuration, perhaps this is not a necessary specialized program to watch HD movies.

2.VLC for Mac

Perhaps lots of users have been already familiar with VLC media player. VLC supports not only for Windows but also for Mac powerfully. It can play various formats powerfully.

Since VLC is a media player developed from open source, it can run on different operating systems and even iOS VLC.

It can run different formats without the need of additional installation, such as FLV, MKV, TS, RM, DivX, FLAC. With the audio filter, you can customize the sound when watching movies.

3. MPlayer

This is a good program that supports MKV format.

MPlayerX has quite similar interface to QuickTime, it focuses on bringing simplicity to users.

You can manipulate with multi-touch on laptop that supports for trackpads such as MacBook Pro, Air and Macbook to play, stop or move scenes or tracks.

And an outstanding feature of this software is that if you use 2 monitors at a time and you want to watch movie at full screen, you can still watch the movie on a screen and the main screen still operates normally.

In addition, MPlayer also supports for formats, fast loading speed and HD movie. Therefore, this software is a must for those who want to watch good movie.

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