Top 4 popular online image storage services

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Currently, on the market, there are lots of image storage services and you do not know which service is the most useful and preferred by most of users. Top 4 popular online image storage services below will give you the best answer.

You have already known some image storage services, however, you do not know which service is the most useful and preferred by most of users. Top 4 popular online image storage services below will give you a more general look at services and their functions.

Top 4 popular online image storage services

1. Flickr

It can be said that this is the largest photo sharing site currently since the capacity of 1 photo can be up to 1.5MB. You only need to register an account to be immerse in your own world and share the most beautiful photos with friends around the world.

2. Photobucket

Photobucket has a quite beautiful interface. It is a photo-sharing service that is trusted by lots of people. You can store your most beautiful pictures, and create beautiful photo albums. Just sign up right away or you can connect with your Facebook account to store and share your pictures. In addition, you can also take links in Photobucket to post them to other forums.

3. Picasa

This is a popular application. Besides management and sharing feature on this service, Picasa can help users edit photos or create the most beautiful video for your memories.

4. ImageShack

ImageShack is not only used for storing images online, but also for taking images to upload to  website or forum with just a few steps. However, in order to use the program, do not forget to register an online account.

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