Top 5 2D animation Video makers in 2014

By Laura

Currently, there are lots of applications supporting 2D animation video with high quality. However, user might have to use all new applications to find the best apps.

As you know, currently, 3D animation has become more popular than 2D animation, however, 2D has not still been forgotten. In this article, will show you the top 5 2D animation video makers in 2014.

Top 5 2D animation Video makers in 2014

1. Toon Boom Studio

At the frist place is Toon Boom Studio. Equipped with lots of unique features, the program allows you to design animation characters in a natural way, they can move smoothly and interact together easily. Generally, Toon Boom Studio is the most powerful 2D animation video maker today.

View details and download Toon Boom Studio here

2. Anime Studio Debut

At the second place is Anime Studio Debut. With a library of available characters in the program, you just need to choose and create your own character. Besides, you can easily edit and record actions and sounds in the program, this utility is suit for beginners.

View details and download Anime Studio Debut here
3. DrawPlus
At the third place is DrawPlus. Not as noisy as the first two programs. DrawPlus is integrated with drawings, painting and tools that support for designing graphic to create characters and scenes. You can choose various available templates and create animations for your website.

View and download DrawPlus details here
4. FlipBook Lite
At the forth place is FlipBook Lite. With FlipBook Lite, you can easily control drawings with 2 main characteristics of the character, including lips and eyes. FlipBook Lite is compatible with drawing tablet to help you create character. Moreover, FlipBook Lite helps users create vivid, natural and smooth images in every movement with the integrated background music and voice of characters.

View and download detailed FlipBook Lite here
5. The TAB Pro
Final place in the top 5 is The TAB Pro. The program allows you to easily create animation characters as well as change shape and transform vector drawing. The program can handle flexibly animated movement, it supports a variety of different graphics file formats. Especially, The TAB Pro supports for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

View details and download The TAB Pro here has introduced to you the best 2D animation video makers in 2014 according to the website Hopefully, you can find the best 2D animation software for your own.


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