Top 5 ad and pop–up blocking programs in 2014

By Laura

While using the internet to access websites, you are usually bothered by annoying banners, pop - up ads and you have to turn them off constantly off but they still come back. So what is the solution for you now? would like to introduce to you some effective ad-blocking programs.

Currently, there are a lot of ad, pop - up and malware blocking software. However, not everyone knows the best and effective software. Here are the best 5 ad-blocking software in 2014 rated by

Top 5 ad and pop–up blocking programs in 2014
1. Super Ad Blocker
At the top of the list is Super Ad Blocker, this is a great tool to help you detect and prevent all forms of online advertising such as ly -in, slide -in, flash, rich media, pop - ups, pop - unders, spyware ads, messenger ads, ect. It also prevents malware such as viruses, spyware, ect coming along with ad to protect users.

View details and download Super Ad Blocker: Here
2. Popup Ad Smasher
At the second place is Popup Ad Smasher, a program that helps users detect and prevent ads appearring when users visit various Web sites. It eliminates all annoying ads when you access a certain page. Especially, the software prevents pop up ads, sliding ads, flash ads, timer ads, ect.

View details and download Popup Ad Smasher: Here
3. AdsGone Popup Killer
With AdsGone Popup Killer, you can avoid annoying advertising when accessing different Websites. With flexible block mode, the program allows you to disable dangerous popup and banner advertising, you can also block ads of messaging service and dialog box of website.

View details and download AdsGone Popup Killer: Here
4. Popup Purger Pro
Popup Purger Pro uses intelligent filtering algorithms to help users discover advertising via keywords or color, ect  and automatically remove them from the web browser. Additionally, Popup Purger Pro is also capable of detecting and removing spyware and phishing, malicious elements that may endanger your system.

View details and download Popup Purger Pro: Here
5. AdShield
At the final place is AdShield. The software is extremely powerful in detecting and preventing ads appearing when you open a Web page. AdShield has the ability to disable the feature of automatically download applications from Internet Explorer, banners, animations or any other component on your site.

View details and download AdShield: Here

Above are 5 of many effective ad-blocking programs.  Hopefully, this article will give you the best choice. You can also search and download more software to block pop - ups on


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