Top 5 Add-ons for Firefox that help you surf web safely and securely

By Laura

You may use various browsers but the top choice still must be Firefox since this browser integrates with lots of Add-on with the best security currently.

Firefox is the most popular browser used and preferred by lots of users, we hope that the Top 5 Add-ons for Firefox below will help you surf web better and more securely.

Top 5 Add-ons for Firefox that help you surf web safely and securely

First: NoScript Security Suite: You can update it here

It can be said that this is a good method to eliminate Java, JavaScript, Flash and prevent XSS attacks and Clackjacking. Moreover, this add- on also allows you to determine which domain can open Java, JavaScript, Flash and which domain cannot.

And because it can block Flash Player, NoScript Security Suite can help websites load lighter and faster.

Second:LastPass Password Manager

Besides security software, Firefox released LastPass Password Manager. This Add-on can be considered as a good program to help users make password. Furthermore, LastPass helps you not have to re-enter your password.

You must set up an account for Addon LastPass and complete the registration information to use this add-on

Third: HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an add-on setting protocols for http sites, these protocols are often found in the online payment protocols as well as the bank account, you only need to download and use it.

Forth: Adblock Plus

It can be said that among Firefox Add-ons, Adblock Plus is remarkable. The development of the internet leads to the strong growth of online advertising. But sometimes ads cause discomfort for us when they force us to click, ect.

Adblock Plus can prevent these annoyances.


When using internet, users are often tracked without knowing. The effective solution in this case is Disconnect. Because Disconnect can prevent up to 2000 websites from tracking the usage of your computer. You can use Disconnect by downloading it

These 5 Add-ons will help you use and secure your information on your computer when you surf the Web. The add-ons are integrated with Firefox, so you can rest assured to use as well as experience these wonderful utilities.

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