Top 5 audio editing programs in 2014

By Laura

Sound editing is always the top need of artists as well as music lovers, because only edit can make songs more perfect. However, editing is still a very small part to make that perfection

Currently, on the internet there are lots of effective audio editing editors. However, we need to test these programs to know if they are really good and effective. In this article, will list the Top 5 audio editing applications in 2014 voted by the website

Top 5 audio editing programs in 2014

1. MAGIX Music Maker

At the first place is MAGIX Music Maker. MAGIX Music Maker supports for editing audio effectively, it is integrated with advanced tools to edit audio with unique sound effects. MAGIX Music Maker supports up to 3,500 different sounds with an easy to use interface.

See details and download MAGIX Music Maker here

2. WavePad Sound Editor

Despite of the unaesthetic interface, WavePad Sound Editor is highly appreciated with its feature of editing sound. With the special ability to analyze sound frequency (TFFT and FFT) along with several unique sound effects, it also supports lots of popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, ect.

See details and download WavePad Sound Editor here

3. AVS Audio Editor

At the third place is AVS Audio Editor. AVS Audio Editor supports for lots of popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, AMR, ect. Along with such features as crop, merge, mix sound, AVS Audio Editor also supports Timeline for you to edit sound accurately. The program offers more than 20 unique sound effects for you to choose to insert into your sound

See details and download AVS Audio Editor here

4. Dexster Audio Editor

Dexster Audio Editor supports for editing audio and sound intuitively, with such features as cut and copy sound, ect. Especially, Dexster Audio Editor supports for editing multiple sounds at the same time to help you save more time. Furthermore, with the effect library including various genres, you will have lots of options to create a unique sound.

See details and download Dexster Audio Editor here

5. GoldWave Digital Audio Editor

At the fifth place is GoldWave Digital Audio Editor. With sound editing feature, the program also includes basic editing features such as cutting sound, copying sound, trimming, overriding, ect. GoldWave Digital Audio Editor supports well for editing sound. Besides, with only a few clicks, you can mix music and songs together. With more than 20 built- in sound effects, the program also supports for such popular audio formats today as MP4, MP3, FLAC, WMA.

See details and download GoldWave Digital Audio Editor here has introduced to you the top 5 audio editing apps in 2014. Hopefully, you can choose the best application to edit your audio.


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