Top 5 best Video players on Android

By Laura

You need to listen to music and watch movies on your Android device. But most of them only support mp4 and 3gp formats. So how to watch the other video formats such as avi, mkv, flv... ?

Changing the format to that your device can support is a great solution. But it takes too much time and manipulations, which is not necessary. Today will introduce to you the best video player software now

1. MX Player for Android

MX Player for Android gives users the viewing experience with the best quality video on Android devices. With this application, you can freely enjoy your favorite video in many different formats.

MX Player for Android with superior features such as easy to zoom in, zoom out the image at the level of 50.150 %... or by dragging the slider screen, CPU optimization - Zoom using touch screen only single simple, safe lock for children. Now you can watch Video on your Android device easier than ever.

You can download MX Player for Android for free here

2. Mobo Video Player Pro for Android

Mobo Video Player Pro is a dedicated tool to assist users to watch videos and movies on Android devices. The program supports all popular video formats today, more support and manage the new video in the machine, hidden videos privacy, usability optimal battery when playing video.

You can download Mobo Video Player Pro for Android for free here

3. RealPlayer for Android

RealPlayer for Android is a multimedia player for free and professional application to enjoy video, audio and image viewer on the best current Android devices.

RealPlayer for Android helps users edit playlists, search, widgets, select the folder contents, move quickly, providing options to customize the listening experience personalized. The application also supports any file format that the device you are using.

You can download RealPlayer for Android for free here

4. VPlayer Video Player for Android

VPlayer Video Player for Android helps you easily access the NAS service / Wifi / UPnP / DLNA / DVR / Dropbox / Facebook / Gmail videos from VPlayer, found on Youtube video files directly on VPlayer.

In addition, a further advantage of this application is not consuming battery as well as other applications such equivalent for Android MX Video Player or MoboPlayer for Android. At the same time it supports many formats, many different audio track, suitable for both mobile or tablet.

You can download VPlayer Video Player for Android for free here

5. VLC for Android Beta for Android

You are familiar with the famous movie player VLC Player on Windows is now mobile version for Android and specific to be officially released. But is not the official version but VLC for Android Beta for Android has been used widely believed

VLC for Android Beta gives users the movie player high quality, optimized for screen Android devices. Users can view most common file formats like MPEG - 2, DivX, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3, FLAC or WebM

You can download VLC for Android Beta for Android for free here has introduced to you the best video players which have been widely used for years. However, there are also many other up-to-date apps, please visit daily to update your smart phones

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5 best Video players on Android


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