Top 5 data transferring programs via FTP in 2014

By Laura

With the growth of internet nowadays, uploading and transferring data are focused more and more in every field and every job. Therefore, there are lots of applications that use FTP protocol for better transmission of data.

It is difficult to find a good, efficient and suitable FTP application for user’s need with thousands of applications today. Betdownload would like to introduce to you the Top 5 data transferring programs via FTP protocol rated in 2014 by the prestigious website.

Top 5 data transferring programs via FTP in 2014

1. SmartFTP

At the first place is SmartFTP. SmartFTP supports for transferring file via SSL/TLS. With high transferring speed, simple files management and drag and drop feature, the software is really simple to use.

See more and download SmartFTP here
2. CuteFTP Pro

It is a must to mention CuteFTP Pro in term of data uploading software. The program supports for managing podcasts, uploading data to the host, server at high speed, absolute security. It also provides you with passwords to secure your information. With high encryption algorithms, CuteFTP Pro allows you to transfer most of image, text formats, ect, compressed files such as Zip,. Rar, ect

See more and download CuteFTP Pro here


Next is WISE - FTP. WISE - FTP supports for FTP and SSL\TLS with high level of encryption algorithms, allowing you to transfer and upload data correctly and safely.

See more and download WISE – FTP here

4. FTP Voyager

FTP Voyager supports you to transfer data from servers on the Internet or to your PC with high speed and high efficiency. FTP Voyager can work with CuteFTP, WS_FTP, ect. This is the advantage of FTP Voyager.

See more and download FTP Voyager here

5. WS FTP Pro

At the fifth place is WS FTP Pro software. With WS FTP Pro, you can install and connect to the server to upload data quickly. You can set time and set a plan to automatically upload. Furthermore, you can also compress data files to DVD discs and USB.

See more and download WS FTP Pro here

Finding such programs that are highly recommended by lots of user will bring a lot of benefits and save time for you. The above are 5 most effectively data transferring programs via FTP. In addition, you can also take a look at other data transferring programs on


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