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While working on the computer, you deleted some important files mistakenly. How to recover those files? And what is the best software? On this article, we will introduce you 5 best free software for data recovery.

There are many software for data recovery on the market and you do not know which software is the most effective for your computer. Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, why do users select that software? 5 software below are considered to be the best software for data recovery and used by a large number of people.


1. Recover My Files

Recover My Files can search and recover files as well as folders in a specified partition. It can restore documents, images, videos, audios or an Email which are deleted accidentally.

You can use Recover My Files to recover data on the faulty hard drive, faulty partitions, external storage devices like USB or memory card, etc. The recovery speed depends on the number and size of deleted files.

View detailed information and download the latest version of Recover My Files

2. Undelete Plus

Like Recover My Files, Undelete Plus can also search and recover all files deleted on a certain partition, files deleted by DOS command, files deleted by pressing Shift+Delete or files in Recycle Bin.

After scanning the system, the utility will automatically list deleted files in groups of file types and display detailed parameters such as the last update, file name, file size, etc. Undelete Plus can search FAT and NTFS formats on external storage devices.

You can view detailed information and download Undelete Plus on our website

3. DiskGetor Data Recovery

DiskGetor Data Recovery functions to recover deleted, lost, corrupt or formated files on all partitions of the hard drive. These files can be documents, audio files, videos, images, etc.

This utility can recover separate files or existing folders. Furthermore, DiskGetor Data Recovery also allows recovering overwritten old files by scanning the hard drive and external storage devices to search and recover formated data.

View detailed information and download the latest version of DiskGetor Data Recovery

4. Roadkils Unstoppable Copier

Roadkils Unstoppable Copier enables you to search and recover data very simply and effectively. The program can backup old files to protect important information. This is helpful if the data recovery encounters problems.

Roadkils Unstoppable Copier can recover data on the hard drive after a long-term use, corrupt files, files infected with virus, etc. The utility gives you options so that you can select the appropriate one for your computer. This program also supports command lines so that you can perform work on MS DOS instead of Desktop screen.

View detailed information and download the latest version of Roadkils Unstoppable Copier

5. DataRecovery

DataRecovery is designed and developed to restore deleted or lost data on the hard drive. You can also recover files on devices supporting the NTFS protocol such as hard drive, external memory card, USB, portable hard drive, etc. This utility supports recovering documents, software installers, Media files, etc.

It is optional for you to recover a file, a folder or all files which are lost on the hard drive. DataRecovery scans data rather quickly and displays parameters relevant to files right in the queue of the program such as file name, folder name, format or size.

View detailed information and download the latest version of DataRecovery

Conclusion : Those are 5 software among effective software for recovering data on the computer and also external storage devices like USB, portable hard drive or Flash memory card.

Besides these software, you can download the others data recovery software  on this website.

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