Top 5 programs for reading and editing *.exe files

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It can be said that it is difficult and challenging to find programs for reading and editing *.exe. Therefore, top 5 programs to read and edit *.exe files below will be really helpful for you.

It can be said that *.exe file is a familiar format to lots of users. Especially, those who have to read and edit this will be very interested in programs below.

The programs for reading and editing *.exe files is very popular and used by lots of people, thus, they will be very helpful for you.  

Top 5 programs for reading and editing *.exe files

1. Resource Hacker

It is common that you frequently see *.exe file while using computer. Resource Hacker is a program that is used for not only editing *.exe but also *. Dll, *. Ocx, *. Scr, *. Cpl. Editing * exe will be greatly simplified with the help of Resource Hacker.

2.Akala EXE Lock

It can be said that this software can encrypt all files on your computer. This software can block or modify an exe file on your computer without affecting such files storing your personal information. Information and data *.exe are also be secured by Akala EXE Lock strongly and thoroughly. You will not hesitate when using this software thanks to its powerful and useful features.


This is a program that allows you to display and analyze, and more specifically, to read and modify *.exe. It also replaces some applications in Windows.

4. Exe Wrapper

This is a program that is compatible with popular operating systems of Windows. This software can protect *. exe password. Moreover, Exe Wrapper can change the icon of *.exe. The osftware’s interface is simple and easy to use.

5. ResEditTools

It is one of the programs that can change such structural file as *.exe and*. Dll, *. Ocx, *. Scr, *. Cpl. ResEditTools is a specialized program used to decode and change all structural files. This software is often used to Vietnamize programs. Especially, you can add, delete, view, rename, change existing resources in files.

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