Top 5 programs to convert videos to the most popular format - HTML5

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There are plenty of programs to convert video to HTML5, and you do not know whcih software is really useful and popular. Top 5 programs to convert videos to popular HTML5 below will give a more general look.

In fact, HTML5 is a popular format today, however, in order to convert video to this format for posting on websites, users will need the help of converters.

Top 5 programs to convert videos to HTML 5.

1. Miro Video Converter

This software is an open source video converter, it can convert video formats to other formats that are suitable for HTML5. Furthermore, Miro Video Converter can also convert video to different sizes for smart phone such as iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

2. Handbrake

Handbrake is an application that can convert MPEG video having MP4 format in HTML5. Moreover, besides MP4, the software does not support any other HTML5 video formats. Handbrake has some additional features such as adding titles and selecting chapter, marking chapters, supporting subtitles and some video filters.

3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a program that supports various formats, from common video formats to less common formats such as MTS, BIK and RM. The software also supports audio and image files and it can convert them to videos in order to be able to run on HTML5 having WebM, OGG and MP4 formats.

4. Easy HTML5 Video

HTML5 is developing strongly and it supports most of browsers. Thereofre, it is neceassry to convert videos to HTML5. Easy HTML5 Video is a tool to convert videos to WebM, OGG or MP4. It does not offer lots of options, it only allows you to set video resolution and quality.

5. DVDVideoSoft Free HTML5 Video Player And Converter

This certainly is a simple tool designed specifically for converting HTML5. This software supports all popular file formats, and it can export videos in OGV and MP4 formats. In addition, DVDVideoSoft Free HTML5 Video Player And Converter has various different quality settings and it allows you to customize and create your own settings.

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