Top 7 Ebook readers on Windows 8/8.1

By Laura

If you are looking for the best free Ebook readers on Windows 8, the Ebook readers below will be really helpful for you.

As we all know, Windows 8/8.1 are now widely used on computers, phones and tablets, therefore, Windows app store is quite large and diverse. In fact, reader applications on Windows 8 are also very interesting.

Top 7 Ebook readers below will introduce to you the best readers,  they can read the not only PDF, XPS, ect, but also contents from different sites, MS Office documents, ebooks and electronic textbooks.

Top 7 Ebook readers on Windows 8/8.1

1.Overdrive Media Console

This is a free program that has high quality, moreover, you can read books on computer and phone running on iOS, Android and BB. With OverDrive Media Console, all formats of books are readable. This application is ranked at No. 6 on Windows App Store.

2. Fiction Book Reader Lite

This is an application used to read eBooks. This application can be used to read such file formats as FB2, ePub (without DRM), MOBI (without DRM) and * txt documents. Moreover, Fiction Book Reader Lite has quite user-friendly interface and it is easy to use and completely free with the purpose of bringing the best reading experience for users.

3. Book Bazaar Reader

This is really a great reading program for users with such features as changing font, font size and color of the text, depending on your desire. It also supports such formats as EPUB, MOBI, FB2, TXT.

4. Freda Windows 8 Reader - Dyslexia Support

Freda Windows 8 Reader is a free reader. This software allows users to sync account from Kindle of Amazon or Nook of Barnes & Noble Nook. Freda reads such formats as EPUB, FB2, HTML and TXT. In addition, a number of free online bookstores is also be integrated such as Calibre.

5. Kobo Reader

This application supports for topic, you can select the books that is suitable with your mood. You can choose books from the warehouse with up to 3 million books.

6. NOOK Reader For Windows 8

This application allows you to access all books and magazines in Windows 8. NOOK Reader for Windows 8 has such features as loading files from your hard drive. And especially, you can note in the book. You can also search for the same phrase in the book.

7. Kindle Reader For Windows 8

You can easily read books from Amazon's Kindle. And you can also convert PDF or ePUB to Kindle easily.

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