Top Wifi hotspots on Laptop

By Laura

You do not need to pay money for expensive Wifi transmitters while you can turn your laptop connected to Internet into the tool for launching Wifi. On this article, we would like to review and introduce you 3 software among best Wifi hotspots.

You often have to waste time and money to buy a Wifi transceiver at home or bring your laptop/ mobile phone to public places for free Wifi in order to have Internet connection. Now, thanks to software for launching Wifi, you do not have to take efforts to do so. These software will turn your laptop into Wifi hotspots. The only requirement is that your laptop must be connected to Internet.


1. MyPublicWiFi

MyPublicWiFi allows turning your laptop into a Wifi access point quickly . With two WPA2-based encryption modes, this tool helps prevent Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spyware, Rootkits, etc. from spreading to your computer through Internet.

Like other utilities of the same function, you can set password for the Wifi network you have just created. The program will automatically display the list of computers or portable devices connecting to your Wifi. You can record and monitor all virtual Websites accessed through Wifi-Hotspot.

View detailed information and download the latest version of MyPublicWiFi here

2. Connectify

Connectify or or Connectify Hotspot is the tool which helps you turn your laptop into a Wifi transmitter. This utility is integrated with some better computer protection features, for example, the firewall to prevent the attack of threats on Internet.

When your laptop is turned into the Wifi transmitter, you can connect mobile phones, game players like PS3, Xbox 360, etc. to your computer. Furthermore, this utility also allows you to create a password to protect your Wifi network from unauthorized connections from unwanted users.

View detailed information and download the latest version of Connectify here

3. Maryfi

Maryfi is a Wifi hotspot for Windows 7 operating system. This is the application dedicated for Wifi - supported devices like laptop, SmartPhone, music players, Game players, etc.

You can use this utility to access Internet everywhere at any time without accompanied devices like hardware, electric wire or charger. You can extend the network and the network scope optionally. The Offline Networking mode also allows you to share files, folders and drives.

Integrated with the WPA2-based security mode, this utility allows you to set password to protect your created Wifi network and prevent unauthorized accesses.

View detailed information and download the latest version of Maryfi here

Conclusion: Those are 3 software among multiple software which can turn laptop into the Wifi transmitter. Besides these software, you can search and download other Wifi hotspots on laptop  on this website.

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