Troubleshoot the problem when a Laptop contacts with water

By Laura

You accidentally spill a cup of water on laptop, if you do not find a solution soon, your laptop can be permanently damaged.

In daily life, that you eat or drink while using a laptop is very normal. But one of these surprising situations is when you accidentally spill water on your laptop. So do you know how to handle this case? Here are some methods for you when your laptop makes a contact with water.

Troubleshoot the problem when a Laptop contacts with water

1. Turn off the laptop and remove the battery:

When your laptop is plugged, the first thing is to disconnect the laptop from the power source to prevent components from being damaged by electricity and prevent yourself from being electric shocked. After that, turn off the laptop. If your laptop is not turned off, you need to hold down the Power button to shut down your computer. Then flip the laptop over and remove the battery.
2. Remove peripherals connected via USB

If you are using peripherals such as external USB mouse, USB, ect, then you need to remove them immediately.
3. Flip your Laptop over in some minutes

This will prevent water from entering inside the laptop.
4. Use a soft cloth to wipe water on the keyboard

If you use a keyboard protector sheet, you need to remove that sheet and use cotton to clean water in the gap between keys.
5. Disassemble the Laptop

If you find water goes inside your laptop, you need to disassemble inner components immediately. First, identify the positions of screws and use screwdriver to remove the back of laptop.
After removing the back, find parts of the laptop that have water and use towels to clean and dry equipment in a dry place with sunlight for 5-6 hours. And a special attention is not to use dryer because the high temperature will make the components damaged.
After drying in the sun for a while, ensure that the water has evaporated, you need to reassemble your laptop and try booting up. If the laptop cannot boot up due to bad damage, it is best that you should bring the laptop to repair center.
Conclusion: After conducting these 5 steps, you can reinstall the keyboard as usual. Note that, as soon as the laptop makes contact to the water, you should  follow the instructions immediately to avoid water to stay in your laptop for long time.

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Wish you success!

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