Turn off shadows under window in Windows 7

By Laura

Shadows under window in Win 7 often bothers user when they want to take screenshot. Because that shadow appears around the picture user want to take screenshot. Is there any way to remove this shadow?

When using FastStone Capture software to take screenshot, shadow often appears around the area you want to take a screenshot and make the picture look bad.

Turn off shadows under window in Windows 7

Step 1: Go to Start/Control Panel and type visual effects in Search on the top right of the screen

A window appears, select

Select ”Adjust the appearance and performance of windows” of System

Step 2: A window appears, in Visual Effects, uncheck Show shadows under windows

And here is the result.

Before changing:

After changing:

With just a few simple manipulations, the article above has guided you how to turn off shadow under window in Windows 7 to help you eliminate shadow around screenshot. Hopefully, these little tricks will be helpful you.


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disable showing shadows under windows


turn off "Show shadows under windows" feature in Win 7


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