Two methods to improve blurred keyboard

By Giang Doan

During the process of using the computer, the characters, symbols and numbers on the keyboard are often blurred. For desktop, the replacement of the old keyboard with a new one is quite simple and cheap. However, for laptop, this task will be quite difficult and more costly, especially for MacBook, the expense will be extremely high because the keyboard is made from transparent plastic and can become luminescent in the dark.

If being used for a long period, the keyboard will become blurred. Thus, how to protect the keyboard? In the following article, will introduce to you two simple methods to improve blurred keyboard.


Method 1: This method is very simple and fast because you can protect the keyboard from turning blurred. You can come to shops selling computer spare parts and components to buy a keyboard protection pad in compatible with the type of the computer that you are using, and then cover it on your computer; and then you can use the computer as usual without worrying that it will become more blurred.

- Note: By using this method, you should clean your computer and remove the protection pad when you do not use it. Besides, if you use the computer continuously for a long period, you should regularly remove it to make the computer clearer to avoid the overheating of the computer, causing damage to the hard drive.

Method 2: This method requires users to be patient with very small details.

Firstly, you need to clean the keyboard before performing this task. Afterward, use a scissor to cut adhesive tape with a size nearly equal to the size of the keyboard on the keyboard and then stick the adhesive tape to the surface of each key on the keyboard. If there is redundant adhesive tape during the process, you should use a sharp knife to cut them.

If having time and conditions, you should do that to all keys on the keyboard to avoid blurring, affecting the aesthetics of your computer.

Above, we have introduced to you two methods to improved blurred keyboard so that you can protect your computer’s keyboard for a long period without having to buy a new one. In addition, in the usage process, if your keyboard causes mistyping, you can refer here to know how to overcome it.

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