Uninstall applications that start automatically with Win 7

By Laura

When you install software and applications on the system, some applications is set to start automatically with Windows. This makes the computer system boot slower since it has to load those applications.

Thus, to boot Win 7 OS faster, you should uninstall the applications that automatically starts with Win7. How to remove them? Betdownload.com will guide you how to uninstall applications that boot with the system.

Uninstall applications that start automatically with Win 7

Step 1: Click Start, type msconfig in Search programs and files.

Step 2: Click msconfig. A new dialog box appears.

In System Configuration dialog box, click Sartup

Step 3: Uncheck the application that you do not want them to boot with Win 7.

Click OK to save the settings.

Using the computer for a long time will make it boot slower.  Therefore, you should uninstall application that boot with windows to shorten the startup time of the computer. Also, you can take a look at other optimal cleaning software on Betdownload.com


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