Uninstall Delta Search on Firefox

By Laura

Delta search is usually built in free software or applications. When you accidentally install it, you cannot remove it in usual way.

After being integrated into your browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, ect) Delta Search will change the default search engine and also alters newtab. Even when you remove it, after restarting the browser, it stillremains.  The following article will guide you how to remove this annoying application from Friefox.

Uninstall Delta Search on Firefox

Step 1: go to the Control Panel, select Programs and Features

Go to Delta toolbar, select uninstall to uninstall.

Step 2: Select Yes to remove Delta toobar.

Note: not only Delta Search is installed from another programs, but some other programs are installed as well. (Bruenosearch toolbar, BrownserProtect, Mixi.DJ Delta Chrome toolbar, ect). Therefore, you should uninstall these unnecessary apps

Step 3: To reset the home page for Firefox, click on the orange Firefox, choose Options, click on Options. Under Home page, type the site you want to set after opening Firefox.

Betownload.com has guided you how to uninstall Delta Search from Firefox. In addition, you can take a look at other uninstall software on”related Soft”above.


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