Uninstall Laban.vn on IE

By Laura

Laban.vn is an underground utility which is installed right after you download and install some software. Its appearance is inconvenient when you surf Web browser. So how to completely remove Laban.vn?

Even when you accidentally installed some software without paying attention, Laban.vn will be automatically installed as an annoying browser homepage to users. Betdownload.com will giude you how to remove Laban.vn.

Uninstall Laban.vn on IE

Step 1: Go to Control Panel, select Programs and Features.

Go to Laban version 1.0 (as shown below) and click Uninstall to uninstall Laban.vn from your computer.

Step 2: Open IE, select Tool, choose Internet Options

On General, in Home Page, you can type a link page to set as the home page, or select User default to set default settings. Then select Apply and OK to finish.

Thus, we have guided you how to remove Laban.vn on IE browser and your computer. Hopefully, these little tricks will be useful for you to surf Web efficiently.


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