Unique emoticons and smiley on Skype

By Laura

Do you want to have unique emoticons " when chatting on Skype? It is simple, let's explore with Betdownload.

You are using Skype to chat and gossip with friends, however, you want to express feelings, moods in funny images and icons. How to get these icons? Collection of unique Skype emoticons below will help you do this.

Unique emoticons and smiley on Skype

- Select one of the icons below.

- Then enter the corresponding text with the icon on Skype

- Press Enter to send

Example: I want to enter this icon (IMG1), I will type (oliver) in the chat box

Note: type both "(" and ")"

Collection of emoticons on Skype

Above is a collection of special emoticons for Skype. In fact, if you want to apply for Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, go to the collection of emoticons to use these exciting utilities.


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