Use iPhone, iPad as a Wifi spot

By Laura

The use of the iPhone or iPad into a Wi-Fi spot is no longer strange to many people. Let see how to do this.

With an iPhone or iPad in your hands as you can turn them into an internet access point (Access Point) free of charge to all who shared. To do this you follow these steps:

Use iPhone, iPad as a Wifi spot.

Step 1: On the main menu, enter Settings (Below image)

Step 2: Choose Cellular (Below image)

Step 3: Choose Personal Hotspot (Below image)

Step 4: Change Personal Hotspot onto On mode (Below image)

Step 5: Open Wifi on yourr iPhone or iPad. (Below image)

Step 6: Type password on the Password box (Below image)

Step 7: When unnecessary, you should close Personal Hotspot so as not to lose data (Below image)

Then now you can easily make your iPhone or iPad as a convenient Wifi hotspot.

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Wifi spot on iphone


Wifi spot on ipad


Wifi spot on ios


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