Use Reddodo to create wallpapers and avatars for mobiles

By Laura

You like using GIF animated images as wallpapers and avatars for your mobile. You expect to have wallpapers and avatars imbued with your own marks. Let’s visit the website to create an animated wallpaper or avatar bearing your name. is a free website which helps you create original wallpapers and avatars for your mobile. The following article will guide you through steps to use to create wallpaper or avatar.

How to create wallpapers and avatars for mobiles:

Step 1: Log in website: and click to select a wallpaper that you like.

Step 2: Establish resolution and name the image.

- Select your mobile phone: you select name in accordance with your mobile, including producer and model.

Note: in case, you mobile does not belong to section 1, you only need to select Generic and resolution of your mobile’s screen.

- Enter a text: Input a text that you want it to appear in your image (a maximum of 18 characters). Tick Static wallpaper if you want to create a static wallpaper.

Then click Refresh preview to view the result.

Step 3: Right click the image that has been created and select Save image as... to save the created image.

Thus, with several simple steps, you have got a wallpaper or avatar for your mobile. Here is the result.

Wish you success!


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