Use sock with Bitvise Tunnelier

By Laura

At present, the number of internet users has risen swiftly, but not every website is accessible because some websites’ firewall may block your IP address. So, how to surf the web anonymously?

Many tools can support you to surf the web anonymously. The following article will instruct you to create Sock with Bitvise Tunnelier software (Bitvise SSH Client) to hide your IP address effectively. Let’s observe the article to know how.


To perform this task, you must have a Host with support for SSH technology (SSH is a high0-security protocol). If your budget is limited, you can use a free Host with SSH support on the Internet (you can search them on Google) and Bitvise Tunnelier software.

Step 1: After searching, downloading, installing and starting, the interface of Bitvise Tunnelier will be as follows. If you have not had the software, you can download the latest version of Bitvise SSH Client here: Bitvise SSH Client

In Login tag, you input following parameters:

- Host: Input your Host name.

- Post: Keep number 22.

- Username: Input username sent by the Host supplier.

- Password: Input password sent by the Host supplier.

Step 2: Switch to Services tab, input parameters as in the below image. Then, click “Login”.

When there are notifications as in the below image, you have logged in successfully.

Step 3: Set up Sock for your web browser.

Open Firefox and click to select Options.

Step 4: At Options window, click Advanced, click Network, click Settings

Step 5: Input parameter as in the below image, and then click “Ok” to complete the installation process.

Finally, you browse the web as usual without being blocked by some websites’ firewalls.

With just several setting manipulations above, you have been able to create Sock with Bitvise Tunnelier software to surf web anonymously so that your computer can hide actual IP address with a fake IP address to access any website. In addition, you can also use IP tools available on to fake IP.


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creat sock with Bitvise Tunnelier


create sock to fake IP


create sock for private web browsing

, how to create sock with Bitvise Tunnelier

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