Useful shortcuts in IE, Chrome and Firefox

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Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are three of various popular Web browsers used by lots of people. will introduce you some frequently used shortcuts on these browsers.

Using these shortcuts on Web browser not only saves you a lot of time while browsing and accessing Website but also helps you train you finger to manipulate well on keyboard instead of using the mouse.

Useful shortcuts in IE, Chrome and Firefox
* Internet Explorer

Alt: Display Menu toolbar
Alt + M: Open the default home page of the browser.
Alt + C: Access to view Favorites, Feeds and History.
Ctrl + J: Display downloaded data.
Ctrl + L: Switch to a new address bar to access other Web sites.
Ctrl + D: Add viewed Web page to favorite.
Ctrl + B: Open Favorites that you have marked to access.
Ctrl + T: Opens a new Tab.
F5: Reload the currently opened Web page.
Ctrl + F4: Exit the current tab.
* Google Chrome

Ctrl + +: Zoom out Web page.
Ctrl + -: Zoom in Web page.
Ctrl + 0: Return to original page’s size.
Ctrl + U: View the source code of the being viewed Web page.
Ctrl + F5: Reload the being viewed Web page.
Ctrl + H: View the Web browsing history.
Ctrl + Tab: Move to the next tab.
Ctrl + T: Open a new Tab.
Ctrl + P: Print being viewed Web page.
Alt + Home: Access the default homepage.
* Mozilla Firefox

Alt + D: Move your mouse to the Web address bar.
Alt + Home: Return to the default homepage.
Ctrl + -: Zoom out Web page.
Ctrl + +: Zoom in Web page.
Ctrl + S: Save the contents of the being viewed Web page.
Ctrl + n: Move your mouse to the corresponding tab (n is the number as 1, 2, 3, ect)
Alt + Shift + Delete: Delete all personal data on Firefox.
Ctrl + N: Open a new Firefox window.
Ctrl + T: Opens a new Tab.
Ctrl + F4: Close opened tab.

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