Virtual DJ Pro - Fix error”Record Error, can not open mp3 encoder”

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As you know, Virtual DJ Pro is a famous program that can blend famous sound and be compatible with popular MP3 format. However, with computers frequently receiving the error message”Record Error, cannot open mp3 encoder”, will guide you to overcome this situation.

Using Virtual DJ Pro on the computer will help you to create the most amazing music with your style. This software is capable of working with popular MP3 with different genres.

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However, recently lots of people wonder that they cannot open MP3 files on Virtual DJ Pro and receive the error message ”Record Error, cannot open mp3 encoder”, this is a problem only when you mix new songs.
Fix error”Record Error, can not open mp3 encoder “ of VIRTUAL DJ PRO
There are two methods to overcome this situation.
* Option 1: Reset Virtual DJ Pro
Step 1: Open Virtual DJ Pro, choose Config (Settings) at the top of the interface

Virtual DJ Pro

Step 2: open the Settings window, select Info - >Reset to Factory Settings - > OK.

Step 3: Restart the utility and try again.
* Option 2: During the installation process, Virtual DJ Pro lacks”lame_enc.dll”, therefore, it cannot record MP3 files.
Step 1: Type”lame_enc.dll” in the Internet and download to PC
Step 2: On the interface of Virtual DJ Pro, in Record - >Recore Audio - >Config

Step 3: Record Audio Config opens, in Format choose MP3 format, and open the folder in encoder which is the folder containing installation file

Step 4: Put the missing file”lame_enc.dll” in that folder and put the cursor on the file - > Save

Click OK to save the settings.
Step 5: Restart Virtual DJ Pro and see the results.
Conclusion: Depending on each case, you should perform 1 of 2 ways. If the utility have full files but still cannot record MP3 file, you should do the first method and vice versa.
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Wish you success!

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