Virtual DJ Pro - Handle Error”Protection error 8”

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Error”Protection error 8”is not too strange and encountered by lots of people after installing Virtual DJ Pro to mix music.’s article below will help you troubleshoot this and return to normal activities of the utility.

Virtual DJ Pro is a program that allows you to make your own music at home, along with available sound effects. However, a problem occurs immediately after installing Virtual DJ Pro. You cannot use this utility and regularly receive the error message”Protection error 8”. So what is this error and how to fix it?

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The cause of this is because the mode of Windows’ firewall does not recognize Virtual DJ Pro, therefore it do not let you use this utility on your computer
Step 1: Click the Start Menu - >Control Panel - >System and Security - >Windows Firewall

Virtual DJ Pro

Step 2: Here, select Advanced settings to change some options

Step 3: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security opens - > choose Inbound Rules - >New Rule.. (3rd row on the right of the screen)

Step 4: In the New Inbound Rule Wizard window, perform each step in turn:
- Rule Type - > mark Programs - > Next

- Program - >This path Program - > Browse to select the file containing the installation path of Virtual DJ Pro - >Next

- Action - > mark Block the connection - > Next

- Profile - > tick 3 categories Domain, Private and Public - > Next

- Name - > rename for New Rule under Name: ( suggests you to use the name of the software as the name of rule) - >Finish

Now, after creating a new rule, in the Inbound Rules, created Rules will appear

Step 5: After creating a new Inbound Rules, continue to create a new Rules in outbound Rules - >New Rules

Create a new Rules in Outbound Rules, similar to the Rules’ creation in inbound Rules.
After finishing, a new Rules also appears in the interface of outbound Rules

Note: For both 2 Rules in inbound and outbound rules, you should set Blocker mode in Action

Step 6: After finishing, close Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Now, try opening Virtual DJ Pro and mix your music as normal, the error message”Protection error 8”will not appear again, so you can create the best tracks thanks to this software.
Or if you do not want to use this software, you can download another DJ music mixing software in

Wish you success!

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