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As you may know that VLC Media Player allows you to take snapshots from videos to capture the best moments in the videos and save them in common image file formats so as to easily store and upload on the Internet.

VLC Media Player is an all-in-one software which not only allows you to watch videos, listen to music and download videos online but also enables you to take snapshots of images which appear in those videos. Without having to download too many softwares (music players, video players, online video download supporting softwares, snapshot capturing softwares, etc.), you can find all in VLC Media Player.

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Take snapshots from videos with VLC Media Player

Step 1: After installing VLC Media Player on your computer and before taking snapshots, you should set up folder containing shots and formats it by:

On Menu bar, select Tools --> Preferences (Ctrl + P key combination)

VLC Media Player

Step 2: Simple Preferences window, select video, quickly drag to Video snapshots sections and customize some settings:

- Directory: Select a folder to contain snapshot taken, click Browser.
- Format: Select a format for output files. There are 3 main formats, including PNG, JPG and TIFF.

Click Save to save the settings.

Step 3: Open a video that you want to take snapshots from by clicking Media on Menu bar -->Open File (or use Ctrl + O key combination).

Step 4: Play video and click Pause at the image that you want to take snapshot to cease the playing.

Step 5: Right click the video playing frame, select Video -->Take Snapshot to save the image.

Now, the automatically-captured files will be saved in your selected folder, access this folder to open the image file. This is the image file that betdownload.com has captured.

Perform similar manipulations if you can to take snapshots from different videos. Meanwhile, if you do not want to use VLC Media Player to take snapshots, you can search and download Youtube download supporting softwares available on betdownload.com

Wish you success!

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