Watch TV Online by VLC Media Player on VNPT, FPT, Viettel

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VLC Media Player is a music and video player program supporting for different formats. Moreover this utility also allows you to watch online TV with channels supported by each network. will guide you how to watch TV online on VNPT, FPT and Viettel.

Currently on the Vietnam’s market, there are 3 major famous carriers including VNPT, FPT, Viettel. Each network has a particular advantage. Therefore, if you want to use VLC Media Player to watch TV online, it is best to download some TV channels that are supported by the network to use this utility better.

download VLC Media Player

Step 1: Install VLC Media Player on your computer
Step 2: After the installation is complete, turn off VLC Media Player to install the Octoshape plug -in (this is mandatory for you to view the TV channel), If your computer does not have the installer, you can download Octoshapetai here.
Step 3: Download the list of online TV channels supporterd by 3 above networks, download the channel list here.
This list has a total of 141 channels, including:
- 56 channels are used for all networks including VNPT, FPT, Viettel, MegaTV Service (developed on the Octoshape plug-in) of VDC - data transmission computing company.
- 85 channels are dedicated to FPT: iTV services.
Step 4: After you finish installing the necessary software on your computer, open VLC Media Player.
On the toolbar select Media - >Open File (or use the shortcut Ctrl + O)

VLC Media Player

Step 5: Find the path containing the downloaded channel list above,    

Wait a few minutes for VLC Media Player to load all the channels in the list.
To see the channel list click View - > Playlist (or use the shortcut Ctrl + L)

To return to the main screen click View - > Playlist (Ctrl + L)
Note: Sometimes a few channels cannot be watched and appear the message "cannot open...", just turn off that channel and wait for a while.
Online TV channels are seen not only on computers using Windows operating systems but also other operating systems such as Linux or MAC OS X.
Besides VLC Media Player, you can watch movies online by lots of other available software on

Wish you success!

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