Way to update new versions of Firefox

By Laura

You want to update the new version of Mozilla Firefox. However, your current version does not support the automatic update feature. So what to do?

You have used Mozilla Firefox for a long time and want to update the new version of this browser. However, your current version is old and does not support updating new versions automatically. There are so many ways to upgrade Firefox on Internet. However, most of these ways are time-consuming and complicated. This turorial will help you check the new version of the browser easily without taking much time.

Requirement for the system:

- Mozilla Firefox supports Windows, Apple Mac OS/X, Linux operating systems and more.
And it can also run well on low configuration computers.


Step 1: First, you open the browser and choose the "Help" item. Users can use the keyboard shortcut which is Alt + H.

Step 2: Then, move down to  About Mozilla Firefox. A new window will appear and the system will automatically check your browser version.
After a few seconds, the system will display the result of the version you are using. If your version is too old, Firefox will require you to update.
Step 3: You just need click on "Restart to update". Mozilla Firefox will automatically update the new version for your operating system. After upgrading, a window will appear and notify that your version is up to date.

With this method, you will easily upgrade your computer in a short time. In addition, upgrading Firefox will help you improve the Internet access speed, reduce the capacity of the computer system and enhance the protection function from the attack of malicious codes, phishing software on the network. Moreover, this update will help users install latest utilities easily to diversify features on your browser.
Hope that you will know another way to upgrade the Firefox browser easily and simply after this tutorial.

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