How to edit PDF content, file with Foxit Reader

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Editing PDF helps you to change information, copy and extract data from the PDF file to serve your works. Nowadays, there are pretty many tools available which can support in editing PDF files efficiently. One of the softwares preferred by a lot of users is Foxit Reader.

To help you to edit PDF content as well as PDF file, will guide you ways to edit PDF files in the easiest manner: Copy the content to a Word file and then edit it, and finally convert Word file into PDF file with the minimal DoPDF tool.

ways to edit pdf content and pdf file with foxit reader

Ways to edit PDF content and PDF file with Foxit Reader

Note : The below method can be only applied on PDF files which are created by PDF creating softwares or converted from Word / Excel into PDF. PDF files under types of scan images do not allow copying the content when opening with Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader. In this case, you need to convert PDF files into Word ones to edit.


Step 1:Open the PDF file to be edited using softwares which support to read PDF files (such as Foxit Reader). If no available ones, download Foxit Reader

- Then, click Select Text and highlight all contents of the PDF file (Ctrl + A), and copy the contents using (Ctrl + C).

ways to edit pdf content and pdf file with foxit reader

Step 2: Open the Microsoft Word editor, and paste all of the above copied contents into this section.

- Here you can deploy such manipulations as changing the content, edit fonts, text type or do anything you want.

ways to edit pdf content and pdf file with foxit reader

Step 3: After changing the content to your liking, the next step is to convert this Word file into the PDF format. With the minimal and total free DoPDF utility, you can download the latest version of DoPDF.

- Now, press the hotkey Ctrl + P on the keyboard, choose DoPDF, and then choose OK to start the conversion.

Step 4: Type the file name, and press OK.

ways to edit pdf content and pdf file with foxit reader

Ways to edit PDF content and PDF file effectively

After the completion, you can check out the PDF file which has already been edited.

With the rather detailed guides as above, we make sure that everybody can edit PDF formatted documents easily and quickly on his own. Now, editing PDF files is no longer your problem. Besides, this article also helps you to convert PDF into Word to copy the data more correctly.

PDF has been preferred and used by a lot of users because files in this such format feature minimality, high security and especially consistency in the whole content. However, it is not easy at all to edit PDF files if you are not their creator.

Foxit Reader is a multi-lingual, free PDF viewer which allows the users, to open, view, sign, print and create PDF documents. View More install Foxit Reader in Windows

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