Which software is used to read *.mobi file?

By Helen Nguyen

You have some ebooks on your phone or tablet, however, you want to download them to your personal computers to read. Nevertheless, you do not know if they can be read, or which software supports for reading those files. Today, I would like to introduce to you Mobipocket Reader in order to read those files.

Currently, there are lots of programs for reading ebooks on your computer and phone. Due to the plenty of such programs, you do not know which software is actually good and suitable for your requirements. Which software do you are often use to read *.mobi file?

Which software is used to read *.mobi file?

And the answer is Mobipocket Reader.

Ebooks with *.mobi format are supported by most of computer and phone.

Mobipocket Reader has quite simple interface with easy to use functions

Features are displayed quite clearly

Contents: You can mark your favorite contents of the book, so that you can open it right after launching the software

Annotate: Bookmarks

Fullscreen: Read at full screen mode

Send: You can convert books to mobi or transmitted via cards

On the left, there are utilities for you to choose

Now reading: return to the book you are reading

eBooks: store the books you have read

eNews: list  of new ebook

In addition, Store is a place for storing ebooks.

With this article on *.mobi, I have given you a more general look at software that supports for reading *.mobi ebooks. Hopefully, you can have exciting experience with Mobipocket Reader.

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