Which software to choose, Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf?

By Laura

Blocking Facebook sometimes bothers users. If changing DNS still does not work, let’s try Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf. It can be said that both programs are quite stable, however, you still wonder which program is more appropriate to use.

Regularly, at the early of every month, it is quite difficult to access Facebook due to the block of network providers. However, you can still access Facebook as normal. We hope the article below will be helpful for everyone to overcome this situation.

Which software to choose, Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf?

You can also choose between Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf you should use the appropriate software

1. Hotspot Shield

This software allows you to access blocked facebook. Furthermore, Hotspot Shield ensures privacy for users.

Hotspot Shield is also used for MAC OS, iOS, Android.

In term of advantages, Hotspot Shield is quite simple for a lot of users.  It has high security mode and it does not reduce the loading speed. It is also easy for users to turn on/off the program.

In term of disadvantages, the software has lots of ads, however, this situation can be overcome.

2. Ultrasurf

This is also a program for accessing blocked facebook.

This software has an advantage, that is users only need to run the .exe file. In addition Ultrasurf can hide your IP address and access blocked web pages, it is quite easy to use because of its simple interface.

The disadvantage of this software is that the speed to access facebook is quite low.

I have introduced to you two programs to enter blocked websites, especially Facebook. So, which program is better to use, Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf? I am sure you have found the answer and the best choice for yourself.

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hotspot shield and so used Ultrasurf software

, hotspot shield and use UltraSurf like way into the blocked sites

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