Widely used office apps on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

By Helen Nguyen

Reading text files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF on smart phones or tablet is an indispensable need of users. Here I would like to introduce to you some widely used Office applications on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

These applications have user-friendly and easy to use interface, so you can create and edit text files quickly. Especially, they are free of charge, users can download and install them on iOS devices.

1. Quickoffice for iOS.

Quickoffice for iOS is always a favorite app for a lot of people to use on their iOS devices since this application allows you to manage text files professionally, and you can quickly create, edit the text file, and share with your friends anytime, anywhere.

This application has full Office suite on Windows such as margins, fonts, create email, spell checking, etc.

To get this powerful tool you can download Quickoffice for iOS.

2. Documents Free for iOS.

No. 2 is Documents Free for iOS. It only supports text files, such as Word, Excel and PDF File.

However, this application is compact, user can create RTF text file, just like in Windows, they can open large PDF files without crashes. This app is updated for iOS 7 operating system with many improvements and fewer errors compared to the old version.

To experience, readers can download Documents Free for iOS.

3. Smart Office for Good for iOS.

Next is Smart Office for Good for iOS that allows users to edit a regular text file (word, excel, PowerPoint PDF, etc.) and file images quickly and easily.

In addition, this application also allows you to create PDF files and print text files and photo by printer, create slideshows, etc.

Users can learn more and download Smart Office for Good for iOS.

4. Office Assistant Pro for iOS.

Ranked at No. 4 is Office Assistant Pro for iOS since this app can help you manage text files professionally with many features, such as sorting document files into multiple methods.

In addition, this application can also store data on cloud online as iCloud, Dropbox...

You can find out more features and download Office Assistant Pro for iOS.

5. Kingsoft Office for iOS

At the last place is Kingsoft Office app for iOS, but it is not worse than other apps. Kingsoft Office for iOS is also fully functional such as editing text files (word, excel, PowerPoint ), this application can also share data via cloud storage.

In addition, this application also has a function that many other apps do not have, it supports GIF for slideshow in the presentation.

Users can take a look at features of the app and download Kingsoft Office for iOS.

Thus we have introduced you free applications on devices using iOS (iPhone, iPad) to help you manage, create, edit text files quickly and professionally.

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