Windows 7 – How to turn on/turn off laptop Bluetooth

By Laura

Many people use Windows 7 as the default operating system for their computer thanks to the awesome features and utilities brought by it. Laptop has Bluetooth function like cell phones, if you know how to turn on/turn off Bluetooth in Windows XP, but do not know how to turn on/turn off Bluetooth in Windows 7, will instruct you to perform that task so as to use this drive on your laptop.

If you have been familiar with the built-in features of Windows XP operating system, you may feel like a fish out of water when turning to using Windows 7 because the features and interface of Windows 7 are completely different and more professional.

Recently, many users have asked where is the location of Bluetooth function on the computer. If you accidently activate this feature without knowing how to turn it off, it will consume a significant volume of battery. Through this article, we will help you find this function and show you how to turn on/turn off Bluetooth.

How to turn on/turn off Bluetooth in Window 7
Step 1: Click Menu Start -->Control Panel -->Network and Internet

Step 2: In Network and Internet window, click Network and Sharing Center

Step 3: Here, click Change adapter settings

>Right click Bluetooth Network Connection, select Disable to turn off Bluetooth (or do the same if you want to turn on Bluetooth).

Above, has showed you how to locate Bluetooth function on Windows. Thus, you can easily turn on Bluetooth to serve your work and turn it off when necessary to save battery for laptop.

Many people do not care much about Bluetooth, but it is really helpful when you want to connect with other people in a narrow space. For instance, when you buy a wireless mouse, it can connect to your computer via a Bluetooth terminal connected to the computer’s USB drive.

Wish you success!

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