Windows 8.1 - How to delete unused wifi network

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You use your computer and connect wifi in public place, however, you only visit some places once and you want to remove its wifi since it is not used anymore. Therefore, Windows 8.1 offer you a very useful feature, that is deleting wifi network when not in use.

The computer that has wireless connection will automatically access wifi of places that you have been before. The Your computer will automatically connect to the Wifi address that you connected.

However, some Wifi addresses that you only use a few times, and you want to remove those Wifi addresses.

Below is a guide for you to remove wifi network that is not used anymore for Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 - How to delete unused wifi network

You can choose 3 methods below to remove wifi easily

The most convenient method: Delete WiFi in Network List

Step 1: Select the wireless network that you want to delete on the list

Step 2: Click Connect to connect to the selected wireless network

Step 3: A message displayed asking if you want to delete this wifi

Option 2: Remove Wifi Network In PC Settings

Step 1: Press Windows and type PC Settings, then search this function to open it

Step 2: Click Network on the setting list of PC Settings

Step 3: Select Connection and click Manage known network at Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Here, the wifi networks that you connected are displayed in Manage known network

Step 5: Next Click your wifi network that you want to delete and click Forget

Option 3: Use Command Prompt

Step 1: Press Windows and type Command Prompt

Step 2: Then press Enter and type "netsh wlan show profiles"

Step 3: continue to enter, connected Wifi networks will be displayed

Find the wifi network that you want to delete.

Final Step: Press Enter and type netsh wlan delete profile name = " wifi’s name that you want to delete " behind the displayed path.

Press Enter, and a message appears and notifies that the wifi network information has been removed.

Above is methods for you to delete wifi in Windows 8.1. The networks that are not used anymore will easily be removed and you can also display information of using wifi networks conveniently.

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