Windows Movie Maker - Handle Error c9450032, no audio device found

By Laura

You are using Windows Movie Maker to create photo slideshow for friends, but cannot insert audio as background music for the video, and get the error message”c9450032” instead? Let's solve the problem with!

Windows Movie Maker is a program that helps you create video or slideshow to give your friends and relatives. However, one problem that you may encounter recently is that you are not able to use sound as background music for video (one of the main factors to create attractiveness Video) and get the message”Error c9450032”.

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Step 1: Right click on the speaker icon in the system tab - >Sound

Windows Movie Maker

Or Click Start Menu - >Control Panel - >Hardware and Sound - > Change system sounds

Step 2: The Sound dialog box is opened - >Recording Tab, choose Recording device that you want to use, click Properties.
- If you want to record sound directly from the outside - >Microphine.
- If you want to use audio on your computer - > Line In

Step 3: In the Properties window of that folder, Device usage - > select Use this device (enable) - >OK

Done!  Now try opening Windows Movie Maker and check if the audiodevice has been set in step 2 or not ? After the device has appeared, you can use Windows Movie Maker to create normal video.

Wish you success!

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error c9450032


fix error c9450032


fix error c9450032 of Windows Movie Maker

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