Windows XP comes to an "end", which OS should you choose, Windows 8 or Windows 7?

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Updates and launches of new operating system of Microsoft lead to the end of the older operating systems. And the appearance of windows 7 and windows 8 will also show that the death windows xp is coming closer.

Windows 8 has a new version, most of the administrative staff offices are still using Win XP. However, with the development and introduction of new operating systems, the death of Windows XP is what Microsoft will make.

And on 04/08/2014 when WindowsXP was 12 years old, Microsoft officially did not provide updates and as well as patches and technical supports for this operating system. What will you do with your PC, which OS should you choose to replace Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8?

It is probably a necessary replacement for your computer, because if you do not upgrade to a newer version, your computer will lack security and be vulnerable to severe infection viruses and personal information stealth from malicious mechanism.

Finally, you still have to make your choice. The following article will show you more about the information of the two operating systems Win 7 and Win 8 so you can easily make your choice.

Windows 7 Operating System

It can be said that because of the interface designed similar to WinXP, Windows 7 gives users the familiar feeling with Windows XP. The Start menu is still in the old location which is designed more colorful with a bit different icon. Moreover, with similar functions to Windows XP, you will easily get familiar with Windows 7.

Moreover, you can also adjust Windows 7 interface to be just like Win XP with just a few clicks. Therefore, it can be said that Windows 7 is a pretty safe choice.

In fact, Windows 7 is a subtle designs and a complete operating that Microsoft launched to the market. It cannot be denied that Windows 7 is a remarkable improvement from Windows Vista.

Since its debut in 2009, this operating system is also provided Service Pack to modify errors. Of course, we can not say Windows 7 is a perfect version compared with Windows 8, Windows 7 is probably still easy to use and provides comfortable and familiar feeling to users.

Windows 8 Operating System

It is not wrong to say that since Microsoft introduced Windows 8, lots of people expressed their dissatisfying feeling toward this operating system. Especially, the interface of Windows 8 has brought lots of inconvenient and annoying changes for users who use traditional mouse and keyboard. It seems Microsoft has paid too much attention to touch devices but forgot those who use mouse and keyboard frequently.

Although Microsoft still added the desktop in Windows 8 to bring familiar feeling to users just like when using Windows 7 and Windows XP. However, the operating system does not have Start menu as the previous generation operating systems. When booting the computer, Log On screen will appear and it is time-consuming and inconvenient for users.

Perhaps the introduction of the new operating system has not been welcome by users like Microsoft's expectations.

In fact, if you are a person who likes challenges and experience new technology, you will recognize that Windows 8 also owns lots of utilities. Of course, Windows 8 also has advantages such as faster startup and shutdown time, and improved speed.

Especially, Windows 8 is also equipped with a number of new tools for desktop users such as a new file transfer dialog combining everything into a single window which supports for pause function and recovery function.

Task Manager has been changed with more beautiful interface than older operating systems, it shows detailed statistics, data consumption of programs is displayed clearly with more details, ability to manage startup programs is also better.

When you use multiple monitors at the same time, Windows 8 has added multimonitor feature so that you will not need to buy a third-party program. The backup function is also much improved in Windows 8, allowing users to store \documents, music, pictures and video.

Supporting Programs of the hardware

The supporting ability of hardware is a necessity that you must consider in order to get an online Windows 7 for PC, or you can also purchase a copy of Windows 7. However, generally, Windows 8 hardware allows more types of computers, from ultra cheap laptops to ultra-thin and ultralight Ultrabooks.

Maybe you are still using Windows XP and thus you are not fancy of upgrading the OS regularly. However, please note that Microsoft will support a extension for Windows 7 in January 1/2020, and Windows 8 is coming in 2023, so you will have a few more years before reading this guide again.

Finally, some high-end Windows XP computer can only run a higher operating system, or it can be switched to run a version of Linux.
With full information of both Windows 7 and Windows 8, hopefully, you will have the right choice and choose the best operating system to use your computer comfortably without any obstacles.

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