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WinRAR is known as the useful and popular compressor and extractor for all users. When sending files to a person, we can reduce their size by compressing them. In this way, we can save time and money for transfer.

It often takes us so much time to send a file to a person because it is quite large. In this case, a simple yet very effective solution is WinRAR which is used to compress files to a smaller size.

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Thanks to useful features, WinRAR enables you to compress files so that you can share them with your friends and relatives quickly. Furthermore, you can copy and save them on storage devices like memory card, USB, Flash drives, etc.

Especially, you can create passwords for WinRAR to keep your data safe. Even you can send these files as attachments in email without worrying about the attack of hackers. This is the useful software all users should use to exchange files in a short time.

Main features of WinRAR :

- Compress files
- Extract files
- Support sharing files
- Support RAR and RIP formats
- Attach files to emails
- Create passwords to protect files

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Images of Winrar

winrar compress files
Winrar support Compress files
winrar extract files

winrar attach files

winrar create passwords to protect files
Create passwords to protect files

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download winrar


winrar download


download winrar 32 bit

, download winrar 64 bit winrar full

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