WinRAR - How to recover data in corrupt archives

By Laura

You have a corrupt archive, but you do not know how to troubleshoot it. This article will guide you

You download a compressed file on Internet, but it makes mistake during the extraction process and you do not know how to debug it. This article will guide you the way to recover data in damaged ZIP files by WinRAR.


Step 1: After installing  WinRAR, open the program by one of following methods

- Method 1: Click on the software icon on Desktop (if you agreed to create the shortcut on Desktop in the install process).


Method 2: Click on Start (at the bottom left corner of the screen). In the Search Programs and files section, enter the Winrar keyword, then the results will be displayed right on the screen. Click on the search result for "Winrar" to open the program.

- Win Xp: Open the software through the Run function by the command "C://programfiles/Winrar/Winrar.exe"


Step 2: After opening the interface of the software, click on Options and select Repair Archive. Besides, you can also use the shortcut key : Alt + R.

After selecting Repair Archive, a new window will appear. This window will require you to set up the output for the repaired archive. You can click Browse to set up the storage folder.

 - Click OK to move to the next step.

Step 3: After clicking OK, the system will repair archives automatically.

After the repairing process ends, click OK to complete this process.

This is the repaired archive by the repair archive feature.

Recovering data in corrupt archives will help you save much time. You will not take time to re-download the file on Internet. Besides, with this data recovery method you will not have to install any software of the third party.
Hope that after this article you will know how to recover data simply and easily.

Wish you success!


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