WinRAR password recovery by RAR Password Unlocker

By Laura

RAR Password Unlocker is capable of recovering lost passwords of Winrar file. Besides the function of recovering password, the program is also capable of finding Winrar files with password saved in your computer.

Have you tried RAR Password Unlocker to find Winrar password? The program has a simple and easy to use interface, and it achieves high efficiency in password recovery.

WinRAR password recovery by RAR Password Unlocker

To recover the password, follow these steps (If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of RAR Password Unlocker here)

Step 1: Run RAR Password Unlocker, then click RAR Password Recovery

Step 2: Click Open to open the WinRAR file that needs to retrieve password.

There are lots of methods for users to retrieve password quickly and efficiently, including:

- Brute -force Attack: When you do not have any information about the password, this is the most viable option because the program will combine all possible characters to provide the correct password for the user. However, with this option, the password retrieval time will be longer, especially with complex passwords.

- Brute -force with Mask Attack: With this option, the program limits the searching area such as password length, alphabetic or numeric characters, or a special beginning character. Therefore, it will shorten the searching time.

- Dictionary: the program will combine words and phrases appearing in the dictionary to provide the most accurate password.

Step 3: After selecting the option, click Start for the program to find passwords.

The speed of the process depends on the difficulty of password.

Thus, the article has guided you how to recover WinRAR password by RAR Password Unlocker. You can take a look at other password recovery software at ”related Soft” above.


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