Winrar - Troubleshoot "The volume is corrupt"

By Laura

You download an archive to your computer. When you extract it, the system notifies that volume is corrupt.

You download a compression file from Internet to your computer. However, when extracting it, the system displays the notification that " The Volume is corrupt" . Although you have extracted it many times, the notification still appears. This article will guide you the way to fix this mistake.


- Maybe because the compression process is faulty, the archive lost data partly.
- Because you use IDM to download multiple files at the same time. Hence, some files of the archive isare not downloaded with this tool.
- In the download process, the archive is stopped suddenly. Hence, there is no data inside the archive.

To fix this mistake, you can use following methods.

Method 1: Re-download the file from another online sharing host on the condition that they have the same upload source. Then, extract as normal.
Method 2: Debug and recover data when the archive is faulty. If you do not know how to use this feature, you can consult the way to recover faulty rar files here
Method 3: Download file by file to avoid losing files when you download multiple files.
Hope that after this article you will know how to troubleshoot "The volume is corrupt" simply without taking much time.


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