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By Laura

When using Word documents, especially for long documents, it is very time-consuming to search for an important line or page that you have read previously. What is the solution for you in this case?

Creating Bookmark in Word is a solution which helps you easily view and move in a Word document. Today, betdownload.com will introduce to you a tip to use Bookmark in Word.

Instructions to create Bookmark in Word

For Word 2003

Step 1: To create Bookmark (marking document), firstly, you place the entry marker or blacken the line that you want to put a link, enter Insert menu and select Bookmark… in the displayed list. Bookmark window appears, type the name of the bookmark and into Bookmark name section.

After finishing to type name, click Add to save the bookmark that has been created. Continue to create other bookmarks that you want.

Step 2: When you want to review a line that you has marked before, you only need to remember its name and then re-enter Bookmark, select the name of the bookmark and click Go to. Immediately, the entry marker will jump to your selected position.

For Word 2007

Step 1: Similar to Word 2003, to mark a document line, you place the entry marker to the position that you want to create a bookmark, enter Insert tab and select Bookmark symbol in Links group.

Bookmark dialogue box appears, name your bookmark and then click Add to save.

In case, you select (blacken) the document and then mark it, the selected document will be put in parentheses.

Step 2: To access your expected Bookmark, enter Insert and select Bookmark as when you create it and then select the name need to move the entry marker to and click Go to. You can also press the short-cut key combination: Ctrl + G to open Go to dialogue box.

In Go to what section, select Bookmark and then select the name of the bookmark needing to be viewed and click Go to.

If you want to delete any bookmark, open bookmark window and then select & click Delete.

Wish you success!

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