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Ruler is quite an important feature for Word users when they need to format, or set tab, etc. accurately. However, the horizontal and vertical rulers are sometimes hidden when opening the text editor.

When you need to adjust or format a paragraph, the ruler on Word will be an indispensible tool. However, it is sometimes hidden. Have you known how to display the Ruler bar in World? Let’s observe the following article.

Guide to display the Ruler bar in Word

For Word 2003

Step 1: To display the Ruler bar, click View menu, select Ruler in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: If wanting to display ruler in vertical form in the document viewing mode, click Tools and select Options… in the drop-down menu. Options window appears, you select View and tick Vertical ruler (Print view only) in Print and Web Layout options group. Click OK to complete.

For Word 2007

Method 1: You click View tab and select Ruler button as in the below image:

Method 2: Click View Ruler button on the vertical scrollbar on the right of Word editor.

Method 3: After following the two above methods, if only horizontal ruler appears and there is no vertical ruler, use the following method:

Click Office Button on the left of Word screen, and then select Word Options. Next, select Advanced in the menu list on the left. Pull down the slider on the right frame, search for Display group, tick Show vertical ruler in Print Layout view line and click OK to complete.

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