Word – Fix font error in Word 2007

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Word documents downloaded from the Internet or sent to you by other people often occur font error which irritates you. Thus, what is the solution for you in this case?

Font error in word often occurs when your computer is lack of compatible font sets. However, this is not a serious error; therefore, you can recover it easily. Following the option below to know how to “cope” with it.

Fix font error in Word 2007

Method 1: Search and download a full set of font to your computer.

- You can search and install Font Full set for your computer to read document files with font error.

- To install Font Full set, you extract the downloaded file and copy Font into Fonts folder of C drive with the path C:\Windows\Fonts.

Method 2: Use UniKey Toolkit function of UniKey utility.

(If you have not had UniKey, you can download  the latest version here).

Step 1: Open UniKey Toolkit dialogue box. To quickly open this dialogue box, you can press the short-cut key combination Ctrl +Shift + F6 or right click Unikey icon on the right angle of the screen, select [CS+F6] tool.

Step 2: Fix font error

Firstly, you copy the document segment with font error. In panel code of UniKey Toolkit window, you only need to set:

- Source: select current font of the errored document.

- Target: select the font that you want to convert.

After finishing the selection, click Transcode. After there is successful transcoding notification, the document segment will be automatically saved in Clipboard, you only need to open the new editor, paste and save the document. The order of implementation is illustrated in the following image.

In addition, if the errored file is Notepad (.txt), you can deselect clipboard transcode option and select source file and target file for it, and then click Transcode.

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